Velo Performance Justin Ralph

BHSc (physiotherapy), PgDip HSc (musculoskeletal physiotherapy),
Bike Fit Consultant (Certified Advanced Serotta International Cycling Institute Bike Fitter).

Justin started work in a local bike shop through the 90’s which created an awareness that people needed to be ‘set up’ correctly on their bike. Later following university studies (physiotherapy degree) his awareness of ‘bike fit’ evolved specifically related to biomechanics and how both the person and the bike can be enhanced to help reduce risk of injury and optimize cycling capabilities related to both comfort and performance. 

Treating patients in clinic with cycling related injuries progressed Justin’s awareness that they needed to be observed on the bike if their injury is to be treated effectively. Further study focused on post graduate musculoskeletal physiotherapy and then bike fit education in the United States at the internationally renowned Serotta International Cycling Institute. 

Justin has spent a significant amount of time working with cyclists, including the New Zealand Cycling team from 2005 touring on multiple international road tours including the 2008 season at their European training base in France. In 2011 he started as lead physiotherapist for the New Zealand paracycling team and later become the lead bike fitter. 

In 2017 he transferred to High Performance Sport New Zealand and worked with Cycling New Zealand as a performance physiotherapist and bike fitter. Justin has been to the London and Rio Paralympics, the Tokyo Olympics as well as the 2018 Commonwealth Games and multiple World Championships and World Cups. Throughout this time, he has been able to observe international trends related to bike fit and combined with attending a wide range of international bike fit conferences over the years has been able to stay at the cutting edge of bike fit. 

The focus is now bike fit working as a consultant for Cycling New Zealand, as well as privately and also allowing time for private physiotherapy work to help compliment the bike fitting. 

Career highlights

  • Having the opportunity to live in Europe with my family while working with the New Zealand Cycling team

  • Attending my first track World Champs in 2009 where our sprint athletes won multiple medals

  • Walking into a packed velodrome at the London Paralympics with Coldplay’s Paradise playing so loud we couldn’t actually talk to each other

  • Linking my background of physiotherapy to a sport that I have been passionate about for many years and helping people ride bikes in a variety of different ways

  • Making it to the postponed Tokyo Olympics after an extended build up in NZ

Velo Performance

What our clients say

“I got my first bike fit with Justin and have always gone back to him ever since. He gets my position perfect across all my bikes and disciplines leaving me with no pain, preventing long term injury and he has played a huge part in some of my best performances/results. He’s super relatable and easy to work with making the experience much better for getting the perfect position.”

– Kane Foster

“I started working with Justin a few years ago when my focus on my performance turned specifically to the bike. I had had good results on the world stage with a 5th and a 7th at the Ironman World Championships, but my goal was to do better than this. Justin’s suggested changes have influenced my performance on the bike significantly to the point that I had one of the fastest rides at Ironman World champs of anyone in the field. For someone who weighs 69kgs and is 1.74cm with only 5 years of time trialling under my belt, I feel like that is a huge achievement and one that I will be forever grateful for.”

– Braden Currie

“Justin did a complete bike fit so that I would be comfortable with my bike on my trainer. He was very thorough and explained the process as he went along. The first time I managed a few full rotations I had a smile from ear to ear and tears in my eyes.  The adjustable cranks are a blessing and have given meaning back to my life again. ”

Glenda Rodger