Velo Performance Optimising Your Body and Bike

Optimising your body + bike

Reaching Your
Cycling Goals

Velo Performance was set up to help people across the spectrum optimise their on-bike position specifically related to their own cycling goals.

Coming from a physiotherapy background Velo Performance recognises the importance of knowing how your body is functioning to ensure the bike set up is optimised to you as an individual.

As we are now well aware physical exercise is significantly important for our general health and wellbeing and Velo Performance’s aim is to help individuals reach their cycling goals whether that is to ride your e-bike to the shop for a coffee catch-up or to reach the highest level of your sport and everything in-between.







Aero Positioning & Testing


Working with an athlete to reach their performance goals is a key focus.

Braden Currie had a goal to improve the bike leg of his ironman.  He had a new bike and with it options to change key elements including crank length and the front end system. We looked at his riding position on the Felt I.A and designed a bike position that would interact with his body to achieve the optimal outcomes  – to help assist comfort levels in an aero position that could be sustained for 180kms and also run a fast marathon off the bike.

This blog will outline the process we went through including testing ‘in-the-field’ to ensure our modelled outcomes were sustainable in real life conditions. This shows a real collaborative approach and is a great journey to be part of.

Expert Cycling Analysis

Bike fitting has continued to become more recognised by international standards in recent years including specific education guidelines that allow individuals to be assured they getting a bike fit with a qualified ‘bike fitter’, just as you would like to ensure your physiotherapist has the appropriate qualifications. This is called the International Bike Fitting Institute and Justin has been part of this for some years now.

We believe that remining up to date with research, attending international conferences and specifically putting physiotherapy qualifications together with bike fitting qualifications allows us to individualise sessions to your needs, using key technology and clinical reasoning, aiming for the  highest standard.